Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Fresh Face: Chaotic Ramblings About the Blog Facelift

So the old and unloved blog has gotten an update. I changed the layout a bit, I changed the font, and I changed the blog name. Truly, Railroad Safety made no sense. I had wanted to change the blog name for a while, but I couldn't think of anything better to change it to. Thankfully, the kindness of the universe rained ideas down upon me.

While wasting time on the internet last week when I was out of town, I stumbled across this gem of a blog post: Blochead and was smitten. I was entertained for an entire afternoon by the wit of "Dr. Sandbag or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Grade." Honestly it's awesome right? ...well of course! I promptly posted the link on ye ol' Spacebooks so everyone could understand what sort of things in this world I find amazing.

Several days later when I returned home, my life got even better than I could have ever imagined! My terrific housemates had covered our refrigerator whiteboard with even more climbing-adapted movie titles. Many which rivaled the awesomeness of "Dr. Sandbag..."

I now give you the entertainment that you came here for:

-Eternal Send of the Spotless Climb
-The Beaner Identity (Supremacy and Ultimatum)
-Dances With Boulders
-Nightmare on Pumped Street
-I Know what you Climbed Last Summer
-The Quantum of Solos
-When Pumpy met Slopy
-The Good, the bad, and the Crimpy
-The Land Before Climb
-5.10 to Yuma
-Passion of the Crux (a personal favorite!)
-The Wizard of Choss
-Passenger 5.7
....and last but not least the new blog title: No Country for Weak Sends.

I figured "No Country..." would be a good blog title because I think it is hilariously clever, and because Cormac McCarthy holds a special place in my heart/brain after I had to read all of his novels in a McCarthy seminar.

Let's see... other changes of note and the glorious (perhaps boring is a better word choice?) stories behind them. Chelsea recently got a blog cleverly named "Crushcakes" as it will be a tasteful blend of a climbing blog and a cupcake blog. She and I were talking about her blog at Climbmax's Women's Night; I complained that the font was too hard to read and she told me she thought the font was awesome... I told her simple fonts were the only way to go. Then, less than 24 hours later I go to updating my blog and see this nifty little font that I just can't pass up. Ultimately, I have no good reason, or excuse for going back on my declaration about fonts, but I am blaming it on Chelsea.

Well that is a wrap for now... perhaps a more introspective post later on the end of the Rumbling Bald season, hopefully moving to Boone, and the results of some soul searching. Or perhaps just a post with some pretty pictures...

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